Month: February 2014

The HCG Diet Protocol – How Three Phases Continue to Change Lives

Many people are in search of the best and most effective weight loss programs in the world.  The unfortunate part is that few of the most popular out there deliver on their promises of rapid weight loss for users.  Many people face a long uphill climb to shed pounds and get in shape, and the best way to help people in that regard is through weight loss via a proven, effective, and powerful treatment.

There are few such programs out there, but they do exist.  Researchers have identified garcinia cambogia, for example, as a powerful weight loss aid in recent years.  However, by far the most popular found to date is the HCG diet.  This natural hormone has proven itself to be highly effective in boosting metabolism and decreasing appetite among patients.  Millions of people are now shedding weight quickly and effectively using this simple hormone based treatment.  Furthermore HCG is completely natural which has helped many people achieve results safely.  HCG works by interacting with the brain’s hypothalamus, increasing metabolism and decreasing appetite.

The HCG diet plan is broken up into three particular phases, however, either way you want to make sure you’re using real hcg drops reviews, and nothing fake.  If you use homeopathic or hormone-free products you won’t even be receiving any HCG and will ultimately have poor results.  It’s best to ensure the product you pick is real first, like HCG Plus, and ignore a lot of the fakes if you can.  Real HCG always needs refrigerated.

The Three Phases of the HCG Diet Plan

-Phase #1 – LOADINGThe HCG Diet plan

Phase one of the HCG diet entails eating foods that are high in fat and low in carbohydrates for that time.  This is often referred to as the loading phase, which involves two to three days of eating foods high in fat in order to enlarge fat cells and allow for more rapid weight loss.  Most people are surprised to see that they don’t actually gain weight on the HCG hormone during this time.  Dr. Simeons, who originally founded this protocol, noted that most people won’t gain any weight, and many were observed to lose it during this phase.  This is an important part to start out any regimen of this diet, however.


Phase two of the protocol is the longest phase, lasting up to 57 days.  This phase involves people taking the hormone, but also severely reducing their caloric intake as well.  On the original protocol this drops down to 500 calories, but on the modern method it’s 700 calories.   In addition, set foods and a set diet is prescribed as part of this.  This includes a protein + vegetable method for each meal that’s designed to keep the person’s metabolism running at full speed as well.  This is the bulk of the protocol and most people can expect weight loss on the order of 20-40 pounds during this period depending on its length.


This phase often lasts between 23-60 days depending on the diet that’s followed.  This period is after you finish phase two, and is designed to maintain the weight that’s been lost in the long term, or between two protocols.  A person stops taking HCG during this period, and just eats 1500 calories per day as part of a set program.  This is all that’s required for the diet.  This period will last indefinitely if no other protocol is being taken for as long as someone wants to maintain their successful weight loss as part of the program.

When it comes to the HCG protocol, there’s really no competition on which is the most effective and which works the best in providing weight loss for users.  Many people choose to do either the 500 calorie original method or the new modern approach, but both will work well.  However, this is still the most effective, natural weight loss treatment we know of out there.  It just simply outperforms the rest.