Month: April 2014

The HCG Diet Plan – A Method Centered Around Your Body

The reintroduction of the HCG diet within the last 5 years to the mainstream public and physicians has led to a lot of success stories coming out from users.  Clinics have sprouted up all over helping people lose weight with this simple treatment.  To those who have researched this program it comes as little surprise it’s caught on so well among those dieters wishing to lose weight quickly.  The HCG diet program has been clinically proven in dozens of studies to produce 4 to 5 times more than just dieting alone.  It makes use of a natural hormone which boosts metabolism and decrease patient appetite, completely organically.

The History of the HCG Diet and Dr. Simeons

Great Weight Loss ResultsThe original discovery of HCG, a natural hormone produced by women during pregnancy or their monthly cycles, occurred almost 100 years ago.  However, its use in weight loss was found to exist in the 1950s by Dr. ATW Simeons during studies he was conducting on obesity treatments in India.  The protocol was designed around daily administration of the HCG hormone to users, and a reduction in daily calories to 500 per day.  This was possible without damaging the person’s metabolism because of the effects HCG caused on their bodies, like metabolic increases and decreases in appetite.  The original diet was designed around a 24 to 43 day protocol for phase two, and typical weight loss observed was around 0.5-1 pound of fat per day during this time period.

This hormone has been revived in recent years because, rather than painful and expensive injections every day, new and modern oral droplet forms have been introduced.  That advent of HCG drops has helped boost use and the mainstream nature of this diet to more people than would have been possible otherwise.  These drops are placed under the user’s tongue and allowed to be absorbed therein.  Results using these types are products are significant, with the average weight loss being much the same as with daily injections.  However, not all such products are equal.  Many suppliers only offer fake homeopathic or hormone-free products.  Only real HCG drops, for example from a proven source such as, providing at least 150 IUs of the hormone will work and deliver results.

In addition to these important considerations, a new modern approach to the HCG diet has been introduced based upon recent research.  It’s been found that a 700 calorie per day diet actually produced better results in most clients than the original 500 calorie per day method, as long as fruits and vegetables continued to be controlled.  New methodologies have been adopted widely, assuming you select the proper supplier for your HCG drops.

How Does the HCG Diet Work?

The HCG diet is broken down into three distinct phases, each with a specific goal in mind.  For example, phase one of the diet is the loading phase, designed to increase the ability for the patient’s cells to expel fatty lipids for use by your metabolic system.  This helps the body burn fat more quickly once the person enters into phase two of the diet.  In phase two of the diet, users reduce calories of up to 57 days to 700 calories per day.  This helps them burn off the fat as energy, and the HCG hormone keeps the person’s metabolism at a high rate during this time to promote weight loss.  During phase three, the diet is switched to 1500 calories per day, and HCG intake is halted.  This lasts indefinitely for as long as someone wants to keep the results they’ve achieved.

This protocol has proven to be a highly effective treatment for obesity in recent years, with many supporters both in the scientific and medical community.  As far as treatments for obesity, there are none which are known to provide this level of weight loss and to do so organically.  This substance is not man-made, it’s a natural hormone found in our bodies which can really help people lose weight.  It’s unique in that regard, and also unique in the level of results its offers.