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The New Garcinia Cambogia Weight Loss Supplement

Given the state of the dieting world, it’s no surprise that people continue to search for real lasting solutions to their weight problems.  There’s never an easy way to find weight loss solutions that work, but scientists have made some major strides in establishing certain products as both safe an effective.  They’ve been searching and testing a plethora of products now for several decades, looking for that one miracle we all hope to find.  They’ve found a lot of promising medicines, but nothing that provides instant success for users.

Garcinia Fruit BasketOne of the most popular diet methods today involves a fruit from Africa known as Garcinia Cambogia.  This plant is found in sub-Saharan Africa naturally growing in jungles therein, but also cultivated for its use as a food.  For centuries native people have used it to enhance their health, and recently scientists have looked into how it works.  They found that this particular fruit has huge weight loss benefits, allowing many people to shed 20 to 30 pounds in a short period while using the extract.  Subsequently, many companies are now extracting the essence of this fruit and packaging it up for use.

The major chemical compound that they’re interested in is known as HCA, which can be purified to grades up to 60% in the final product.  This method has been met with huge support by dieticians and doctors alike.  This natural substance has been shown in numerous clinical trials to boost weight loss so much, that the majority of people using it drop 20-30 lbs within a relatively short period of time (around 30 to 45 days).  This is without any change whatsoever in their diet outside of the addition of this fruit extract.  These results have driven the use of this product through the roof in recent years, as millions of people achieve results far beyond their wildest dreams.

The benefits to this weight loss method go beyond just the pounds the people lose.  The product is completely natural and derived from organic sources.  As a result, it’s not only effective but completely safe for users.  Furthermore, it’s been shown in studies that it helps increase energy which carries with it a lot more benefits than just the pounds that it helps you lose.  Many people have a lot more motivation and improve their lives as a result.

It’s important to keep in mind that not all of these products are the same.  A lot of them use ingredients that may not even be true HCA extract.  You want a product that’s at least 600 mg twice a day, and you want it to be at least 60% HCA.  If it’s not, the product won’t typically work too well.  These are not always easy to come by, but good products like Garcinia Advanced are helpful in achieving the best results.  Usually the better quality product will also be a bit more expensive.  As the saying goes, you get what you pay for.

Weight Loss Via Natural Means is Possible

There’s significant obstacles in the way of anyone that wants to lose weight in the long term.  Not only does their own body fight them along the way, but they will typically not able to shed weight over long periods without outside help.  Exercise is one of the best ways to keep your metabolism up during weight loss, and it also cuts appetite depending on the type of exercise.  However, many people are simply not able to exercise on a daily basis like they’d like to.  Furthermore, a large number of people cannot lose weight via exercising because they are physically unable to do so for various reasons.  This is why physicians have been searching for proven treatments for so many years.

Healthy Body after Weight LossResearching methods for weight loss has led many to using dangerous prescription products, like phentermine or orlistat.  These two products, in particular, can cause significant damage to the user if they’re taken regularly.  One is equivalent to drinking tons of coffee, but artificially and the other can damage your liver.  People really need to find aids that are natural, safe and effective, but aren’t going to break the bank either so that everyone can afford to use them.

-Green Coffee Bean Extract

Scientists have known for decades that much of the nutrients are destroyed during the roasting process for coffee beans.  As a result, there’s been efforts to allow people to easily take the natural coffee beans, helping them not only lose weight, but also providing a lot of the powerful antioxidants that the original bean had in it. These have actually now been put into supplement forms, taken orally each day, which can deliver their results naturally to the body without needing to actually eat these beans.

Unfortunately, as is often the case with these proven treatments, there are many fakes out there.  Many of the products that are sold today as green coffee extracts are not actually from green coffee beans.  Typically, green coffee supplements will be fairly expensive, as coffee beans are typically expensive even without processing.  As a result to get a good 30 days supply it needs to be over twenty dollars for it to have any chance of being real.  Additionally, checking the packaging label is important for the best results for this product.

Green coffee extracts have been studied for decades for their weight loss, metabolic and health effects.  A lot of new research has shown that users of this, without needing to change their diet, will lose 20 or so pounds each month with the product.  However, there are other things to keep in mind as well.  For example, green coffee works by boosting metabolism and increasing energy.  Customers should still be mindful that they eat foods which promote this behavior, such as the ones we’ve mentioned in previous posts.  Additionally, they should also keep in mind that this extract isn’t a cure all, and eating foods high in protein will still help them tremendously with their weight loss.

Diet Pills – Many Products With One Goal

It’s never easy to lose weight and get in shape in the modern age.  The issues are that people often hit a brick wall when they try to lose weight just by dieting and exercising.  This can lead to huge problems in the long term, as many people have found out first hand.  For example, recent studies have clearly shown that most people who try to lose weight ultimately fail to do so.  There are many reasons for this, not least of which is the difficulty that the body itself causes the person.

When you begin to lose weight, your body also fights back.  This can lead to slower metabolism, much less weight loss, and much more difficult long term progress.  There are a lot of reasons to try to stop this from happening, as a person’s chances of success greatly depend on their ability to arrest these problems.  However, for the most part, this is difficult to achieve.

Millions of people each year turn to diet pills to help them do this, but this can be a questionable and ineffective practice.  Most diet pills out there are little more than caffeine pills, and drinking coffee each day will probably generate safer and better results.  However there are also some that are genuinely backed by science and actually have a basis for their claims.  many of these have been shown in research studies to not only be effective, but safe.

A List of the Best, Proven Diet Pill Products

-Green Tea Supplements

Many people have heard of the benefits of Green Tea, but many companies have put that into their own supplement based products.  This has been a huge help to those seeking to lose weight and get in shape, as these products often supply a particularly good outcome for patients.

Most of these pills are composed of a few things, like guarana, chromium and B-vitamins.  Many of these various things help the body’s immune system which can also aid in weight loss over the long term.  Most people will lose a few pounds within a week of beginning use of Green Tea supplements.

-Raspberry Ketones

Example of Raspberry KetonesAfter several studies verified that Raspberry Ketones can induce weight loss in patients, a lot of people have tried them for their own use.  The results of these products are typically excellent, with most people losing tremendous amounts of weight quickly.  A lot of studies have shown that people will lose up to 20 pounds a month while taking this pill, without needing to change their diet (so long as it’s generally healthy).

-Acai Supplement Products

These go back several years and have proven to be quite effective in the treatment of obesity in patients.  However, they sometimes do not work as well.  This product was known as the first “superfruit” and is widely considered to be one of the best fruits to eat regularly, even if it doesn’t induce tremendous weight loss.  It contains a lot of antioxidants which can help people live healthier lives and maintain their health overall.

Acai berries were studied for years for their weight loss properties, and it was found that they perform very well in that regard comparatively.  Most peole who use them will shed 20 to 30 pounds over 60 days, though this varies somewhat depending on the person using them.

Natural Fat Burners – Which You Can Simply Eat

A person’s body is often molded by their diet and this can have a great impact on their health.  Many people indulge regularly in unhealthy foods, often containing high levels of preservatives which are bad for their bodies.  Natural foods really need to be used in order to overcome these sorts of problems.  One of the major ways to do this is to employ some of the natural “superfoods” which many people like, such as acai berries or many others.  However, there are still other problems that will need addressed.

Food is an essential part of anyone’s life of course, and our DNA signals to our brain when we eat it that it’s both pleasurable and important.  This can make it even more difficult to lose weight if a habit develops of overeating.  Additionally, many of the foods people choose to eat can present major problems for the body.  Many people can eat foods that are good for them and burn the fat they have stored well, but this also can be difficult.  A lot of people need outside help.

There are a lot of products that claim to help people burn fat, and many of them work like the HCG diet or other methods, however, the best and most powerful fat burners are those that come from nature herself.  Taking as step back and looking at some of the more effective methods, a lot of foods do provide weight loss and increases in metabolism naturally.  These don’t have to be superfoods or a big supplement.  Instead just by eating more of these three foods a person can achieve results they want.

Adding these foods to your diet can Maximize Caloric Burn

  • Bulk OatsOats – Consuming oats as part of your diet the fat that is stored will actually be impacted by this.  Primarily, the oats help to increase digestion, boosting metabolism and helping the person lose weight more quickly.  This is due in part because of their large amounts of fiber that’s present in this food.  Their digestion is also quite slow, which helps the body’s insulin production which helps hunger cravings.  For this reason they’re advised for people who want to lose weight quickly and naturally.  They often allow people to shed weight much faster than with more random, and less natural foods.
  • Milk – Cows milk is also an effective burner of calories, which happens to taste good as well.  Beyond its calcium it also contains some complex carbohydrates that help people to improve their metabolic rate.  This helps a person boost their metabolism as it’s complex to digest milk.  Something as small as 1300 mg of milk a day can help a person double their weight loss while they’re on a diet.  This is a tremendous help.
  • Coffee – Coffee is something that people drink daily and often do so to help them wake up and be more productive during the day.  There are arguments that coffee itself lead to the industrial revolution as productivity markedly increases when it’s used.  When a bean is roasted, it loses a lot of enzymes.  As a result many people recommend the use of green coffee beans or their extract as supplements throughout the day.

When it comes to weight loss, you don’t need some new solution in order to achieve long term success. Nature actually provides a lot for us in the way of weight loss aids, which is a huge help to our well-being.  For this reason it’s best to add these into a fat burning regimen you’re doing like HCG, or simply try them out on their own if you just need to lose a few quick pounds.  The data doesn’t lie on their great benefits.